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About us

Dane & Chari Caston


Chari and Dane Headshot.jpg

High school sweethearts who decided to quit their jobs and dedicate their life to travel and service. One day at an ATL studio, they were asked a question that changed their lives "What inspires you the most about life and living?". From that day they traveled to over 50+ cities and interviewed over 200 people asking them the question.


Chari is fun, spunky, and quick on her toes. She is inspired by travel, especially on a budget. She loves Churros and would do anything to see you smile. Chari is our Educational Director.

Dane is cool, musically, and ready to have a good time. He is inspired by absolutely anything CREATIVE. Dane loves to make music and brings positive vibes to any room. Dane is our Product Design Manager.

meet the team


Yasmine Bedward 

Social Media Manager

Yasmine is a New York-born, Texas raised content creator, social media manager, and brand developer. With over twenty years in tech, her mission is to bring more creativity, vulnerability, and intentionality to digital spaces across the web. She loves traveling the world to learn and experience God in nature and people along the journey.

Maintaining honesty in my work, creating tasteful stories, and producing impactful art that makes a difference. That’s what I’m about generating real emotion, helping, and not just selling. A contributor to pushing culture forward. A visionary with proven results applying pressure to the industry. Going the distance and paying attention to every detail.


Originally born in Miami, Florida... She is a Jamaican creative specializing in musical theater production as a choreographer and a top-notch performer. Throughout her career, she has taught children in the arts as well as volunteer alongside many non-profits to inspire others to express their creativity through stage presence and many talented skills. She loves to travel and was inspired to expand her passport by working on the Carnival Cruise Ships as a playlist performer given the opportunity to travel all over the Caribbean.

Omar (ContraBand) The VIBEsetter

Content & Outsource Lead

Azule Nixon

Communications Lead

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