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Connection Series: SPAIN , Ep.3 || 26 year old Designer

Connection Series: SPAIN , Ep.3 || 26 year old Designer

In January 2020, World Peace Connection traveled to Spain. After immersing ourselves in the African culture, learning about slavery and African traditions, we wanted to explore full circle. We spent the next 3 months, backpacking Europe. Our first stop was Madrid, Spain. As soon as we landed in Spain, the city was filled with vibrate colors, joyful people, and tasty food. But that's not what all stop us in our tracks. We were surrounded by historic buildings, statues, and even companies that were thousands of years old. Though we didn’t speak much Spanish, we did not let that stop us from exploring the city and window shopping. One rainy day we stumbled across a Sesena, the first cape store in the world. There we met, 26 year-old Daniel, a sales representative who is completely passionate about making real-life connections. Daniel introduced us to the history of Sensena and even walked through his self-discovery. Daniel is not the only aerialist but he is the founder of Damorca, bags shaped in women private, called “Pussy bags”. Daniel's hand makes each bag with love, support, and so much inspiration. This Connection Series shines a light on Daniel's humble beginnings, quirky ways on how he learned English, and even some great advice on how he turned his inspiration to now being a designer in Spain beating to his drum. Learn More About Daniel Learn About The Connection Series:
Connection Series AFRICA, Aunty Pat, Ep.2 || Connecting you to Leaders from Around the World.

Connection Series AFRICA, Aunty Pat, Ep.2 || Connecting you to Leaders from Around the World.

The Connection Series: A series designed to connect you with different leaders from around the world who are creating positive change in their community. ——————— In December 2019, World Peace Connection traveled to Ghana, Africa. As we walked through the dirt roads, markets & villages, we met local Ghanaians who shared their personal experiences about living in Ghana. While exploring Ghana, we interviewed over 20 people, asking them the question "What inspires you the most about life and living?" We connected with the founder of BASICS International, Aunty Pat, through a friend who we met in Ghana. Aunty Pat is a New York Native, who has put aside her lucrative career in fashion and dedicated her life to serving the community in Chorkor, Ghana. Chorkor, Ghana is an overpopulated fishing community, located on the outskirts of the nation's capital, Accra. It is one of the poorest areas in the city. Watch how Aunty Pat explains her journey of becoming the founder of BASICS and gives us an insight into her community. If her story moved you & you want to help contribute in some way, details are below:) Be sure to connect & keep up with all that Aunty Pat is continues to do with BASIC International. Visit BASIC International: SUPPORT World Peace Connection Learn more about World Peace Connection Interviews




In this series we highlight different people who we connect with.

We will share how these peacemakers are making an impact, how it’s helping them find their peace & of course asking them about…


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