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Struggling With It Still...

We met at a young age

before I could even understand the complexity of you.

Every morning I had to be up for you.

Took you for granted 

didn't I know you were something to cherish. 

Thinking to myself  I’ll never run out 

but the powers that be know there’s an expiration date.

But you & I play with it anyway.

The day goes by and becomes yesterday.

I’ll do it tomorrow.

I'll do it later.

 A common thing we all say 

but also an arrogant thing to say 

because we assume we have so much of you.

But you got priorities too.

You always seem to favor people who keep showing up for you.

I wanna treat you better and be more mindful.

I haven’t been handling you well.

I wanna keep showing up for you.

I need to reorganize the way I operate.

My mom would always be in a rush to meet you 

but I dragged my feet anyway and she’d scream “we’re gonna be late”.

As I got older I started to have more respect for you.

Your worth more than things money can buy.

You’re valuable and once you’re gone I can’t get you back.

You and my mom seem to have a great relationship

I wanna work on ours.

All u ask for is structure.

All u ask for is organization.

All u ask for is patience.

All u ask for is determination.

But I guess that’s too much

Only leaving you to assume I don’t want success bad enough

I want to embody you be as close as I can to you

Having you in my life is a complete upgrade

Only success can come from it

You're the secret

You're the gem

The answer

The magic

Time we met at a young age

And as I got older I learned to manage you better

Time management. 

An element important for growth

but also something I can do better.

Struggling with it still.

“I wish I had more time in the day” you’ve said it or heard someone say it. Well here's the bubble buster that’s just an excuse and in actuality, we DO have enough time in the day. We just need to practice better time management.

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