Struggling With It Still...

We met at a young age

before I could even understand the complexity of you.

Every morning I had to be up for you.

Took you for granted 

didn't I know you were something to cherish. 

Thinking to myself  I’ll never run out 

but the powers that be know there’s an expiration date.

But you & I play with it anyway.

The day goes by and becomes yesterday.

I’ll do it tomorrow.

I'll do it later.

 A common thing we all say 

but also an arrogant thing to say 

because we assume we have so much of you.

But you got priorities too.

You always seem to favor people who keep showing up for you.

I wanna treat you better and be more mindful.

I haven’t been handling you well.

I wanna keep showing up for you.

I need to reorganize the way I operate.