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Input traction, delete distraction

Updated: May 19, 2022

A word of advice, a suggestion I invite you to consider.

We're in this together. I personally can do better by inputting traction and deleting distractions. It's interesting that the first three letters are "dis" as in taking away from. SubTRACTion, the keyword here is track because that's what you and I both strive to stay on. When working towards our goals we want to stay on track and anything taking away from that is subTRACTing. Simply a disTRACTion.

Visualize the wheels of a train in order to move forward you need TRACTion. Without traction you're stagnant. Writing your goals down is cool but you gotta be proactive to gain traction. I was texting with an OG this week and he asked me "what are your actions steps" yeah that shit sounds good but what actions are you taking? Yeah, that goal looks good on paper but what are your action steps? Yeah, you listened to that podcast and feel inspired but what actions are you taking with that knowledge?

I wanna introduce you to a helpful method my creative mentor put me on called Inputs and outputs. Inputs are the initial things we do like watching a TED Talk, researching, thinking, meditating, writing our plans down. For example, I'm a poet so input for me is writing every morning.

Then there's the output aka the action steps that will gain traction towards our destination. Outputs are creating things, opportunities, or connections with people that weren't there before. For example, an output for me would be publishing what I write. Networking, putting myself out there to meet the person who can change my life. Yeah, you're a model but are you cold calling and emailing your portfolio. Yeah, you applied to that job but are you on LinkedIn reaching out to people who work there and following up. You're a content creator but you haven't put anything out cause it's not "perfect". Yeah, you need private investors but are you putting yourself around people with money and hanging with the tech community. You can mastermind and think all day but what good is that if it stops there?

In a nutshell, our outputs should outweigh our inputs. That's how you win and yield results. Going forward I'm keeping this question at the front of my mind "is this gaining me traction?" if the answer is no it's a distraction.

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