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I suffer from pivoting.

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Full transparency I'm writing with complete honesty. I suffer from pivoting.

I've missed opportunities due to pivoting. I've been a hindrance to my own success because of pivoting. I've stunted the growth of potentially prosperous things all because of pivoting. How will you truly know if you don't allow anything to grow?

I'm a recovering pivoter, like a new artist I was searching for a hit. That 1 idea to take me outta here, that 1 product to make me rich, or that 1 movement to put me on. Instant gratification is what that is. I want results now!

"I'm a genius this idea is brilliant and it's gonna go crazy" that was my mindset every time I came up with something new. Then the "go crazy" results didn't happen. My expectations of what I felt it deserved didn't transpire at the speed I expected. So what did I do? pivot

"Maybe this isn't it & I should try something else" that was the mindset triggering me to pivot but the way the blueprint works from the OG's that came before us is you gotta pick 1 thing. I believe that still remains true. MJ was a great basketball player first before he was MJ the baseball player & MJ the golfer. He mastered balling first and the rest came after. Kanye made beats first and the rest came after. Tyler the creator was a rapper first and the rest came after.

I suffer from pivoting  how will I know if I don't allow anything to grow? I didn't give anything a fair chance to truly know it was for me to continue. After so much pivoting you realize you've done a bunch of nothing. You've earned a list of things taken to only 50% of its potential. WOW great accomplishment [insert sarcasm] Be still. Build some consistency. Stillness is clarity. STOP pivoting! Build some consistency. Do 1thing and excel at it. Go back and look at the greats the ones you respect the most in your field. Wherever they are in their careers. They came in doing 1 thing then spread they wings. And that's the thing it's so simple it's difficult. pick your 1thing then build some consistency STOP pivoting!

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