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Don't miss twice [A pro tip]

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Once upon a time, I was anti routine. oh silly me. I'm a creative the adventure of not knowing is exciting. I don't need a plan I plan to go with the flow. Wherever the wind blows me that's where I'll be. Inspiration is sporadic so that's how I move. New idea today maybe nothing tomorrow. Speaking of I don't even know if it'll cum like my next relationship I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I'm too entitled and that's why I don't plan ahead. If tomorrow comes I'll plan it then. I'll get around to it Like a ferris wheel I'm going in circles. Head in the clouds. Thinking about my dreams without proper action it'll fade away from me. So I need to do something. Change is imminent. I'm doing something different. A routine is what I need. Allow me to be the one to tell you because like you just read I wasn't on this wave before. If you want to succeed like the OG's who have flourished in our lanes. They implement routine. I'm on a journey to making 6 figures and one of my mentors told me routine is important. You gotta embrace organization. It was a gradual transition I didn't get into the habit of a routine overnight. Like a car in the wintertime, I had to warm up my drive. I want to invite you to a suggestion to take into consideration. I'm going to share with you my exact method of how I got myself into the habit of a routine and at the end share a pro tip on how to maintain any routine. So keep reading. Let's dive in. If you work at a job that doesn't fulfill but drain you. Hang in there set a goal and remind yourself of why you're there. I personally do this a lot. For example, I'm working at Costco right now it sucks, and it's absolutely not where I want to be. So I remind myself why I'm here. I'm here to get money to invest in my creative ventures like the Poetry Soap Store. This is only a temporary situation to fund my long term situation. Extort the man to fund the plan. We gotta side hustle cause it's not a choice anymore. Being a starving artist cause you don't want to work is an awful lifestyle to live. Sleeping on the couch is ass. Being the person just getting water when out with friends is terrible. Hearing your stomach rumbling resorting to the dollar menu is not the move. Nothing is free it cost to create on the quality level you want to output on. So use that job to invest in yourself and bet on yourself. Let your 9-5 fund it until it's profitable. Formulate an exit plan whatever that is for you. Cool, now that we got the day job mindset covered. The first step to getting into a routine is finding 1 daily practice. This is subject to whatever your "thing" is so for me my thing is poetry so my daily practice would be writing. Keeping it simple by picking ONE thing you can do every day WITHOUT FAIL. Mine is free writing for 30min to an hour. The next step is challenging yourself. Once you've picked your 1 daily practice it's time to hold yourself accountable. So what I did was for 21days no excuses no negotiation. It was mandatory for me to write every morning for 21days straight. Why? because repetition is the father of learning and consistency = success. Repetitive actions change the shape of your brain. It's called Neuroplasticity. Google it. After doing your daily practice for so many days it'll feel weird if you don't. That's when you know it's working. Something happens inside of you when you consistently show up for yourself. It's an explosion of drive like you just released turbo into your system. It becomes your new normal so after the 21days you continue to do it as normal. Now I get anxious if a day goes by and I don't write. I literally don't feel right and that's when you know you've successfully embedded a new routine. Now for the pro tip. Honesty is my policy and truth be told I do miss some days but the key is to not miss twice. Get a calendar mark a big red "X" on each day you complete your daily practice and tell yourself "don't break the chain". Psychologically as humans we don't like to see patterns break so you'll internally feel uneasy. Even if you miss a day as long as it's not back to back you'll be fine just don't miss twice. The longer you go the more ingrained the habit becomes. Even if you fell off every other day as long as you don't miss twice you're still completing 50% of the time which is above what the average person is doing anyway. In conclusion here's a bonus pro tip. Plan your next day the day before. Before I go to sleep the to-do list for the next day is already done.

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