World Peace Necklace From Thailand [Standard]

World Peace Necklace From Thailand [Standard]



#WPCNecklaces are handcrafted by a local husband & wife of Chiang Mai, Thailand. With your purchase you are supporting these small business owners and the World Peace Connection.

Each one of these exclusive pieces are handmade to order from Thailand. Every bar has World Peace on the frontside & you have the option to select what word you want on the backside. You can select BLANK*, EMPOWER, INSPIRE, or CREATE.

Every brass bar has two holes on either side. You can string the necklace in one hole to wear it vertically or both holes to wear it horizontally. In addition,you will have the ability to shorten the string to wear as a bracelet as well.

Each piece bar is shinned to give it a gold finish.

These unique World Peace Necklace's are built to inspire you everyday you put it on. 

Wear What You Believe.



Tarnishing is normal for brass material.


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100% of our profits from each sale fund our operating costs, help us grow & create a World Peace Connection.

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