chari & dane



Chari Chin-Young is a seeker, who lives each day following her God giving purpose, which is to serve others. She is curious about positive influence of humanity and the things we can do to implement inspiration. She is a New York native but a Georgia Peach at heart. After graduating with a Bachelor in Counseling Psychology, from Georgia Southern University she went to become a City Year Alumni of Los Angeles and started working in the Philanthropy space in Entertainment. 1 year later, she was asked one question “what inspires you the most about life and living?” She then vowed to live each day to follow her response, which is travel and service, and founded World Peace Connection, with her partner Dane, in which they both strive to make service cool.



Dane Caston is a visionary servant leader who strives to inspire people to be the change they wish to see. He's passionate about God and creating new things to improve the lives of people in the entire world. After graduating from Georgia Gwinnett College in 2014 with a Bachelor in Biology, Dane yearned to backpack the world. However, Dane decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue being a stylist for his love for fashion an expressing oneself. 1 year later, he was asked the question “what inspires you the most about living?” He quit his job and remembered that he always wanted to backpack the world. With the help of this question, Dane decided to put purpose behind all his visions and travels and founded the World Peace Connection with his partner Chari, in which they both strive to make service cool. 




In 2015 we were asked this question "What inspires you the most about life & living?" After thinking long & hard, we decided to quit our jobs to invest into our own dreams. We knew that we had to serve the world & reveal our true purposes.

We found inspiration through serving others, creating positive change & traveling the world. The impact of this question is continuously changing our lives.

Now we are sharing it with everyone around the world to spark action individuals to put action behind their personal quest for a World Peace Connection.

"What inspires you the most about life & living?"